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Samantha is a Registered Nurse, Master Certified & AAM Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics Specialist & Trainer.  With Over 20 years experience. Because of her background as an RN, Samantha is very particular about the work she does. She always uses the highest quality in equipment and supplies to ensure her clients safety, comfort and outcome. Although the state of Wisconsin does not require any formal training Samantha's commitment to further education drove her to achieve a master's level of education in permanent cosmetics.

She also holds a board certification with the American Academy of Micropigmentation this organization developed so that technicians can achieve extensive knowledge and practical skills while holding the highest standards for the profession. In addition she is Master Certified in the Phibrow, Branko Babic Microblade techniques. 

Samantha has set the standard and has been a leader for the Permanent Cosmetic industry since 2000. She has helped literally thousands of women that have trusted her to give them permanent beauty. 


Desiree holds a Master Certification in permanent makeup,  and has been trained by a registered nurse. She has helped many clients attain carefree permanent makeup. This certification means, she has been trained and  practices with the highest level of knowledge pertaining to  color selection for eyeliner and eyebrows to ensure that you get the correct color for your skin tone.  Desiree is trained in Phibrow 3D Microbladed Eyebrows by Master Trainer Samantha Rill, and has worked side by side with her for over three years mastering this technique. She will find your perfect brow shape, which will accent your eyes and bring about a more youthful appearance to your face. Desiree keeps her education up to date with the newest procedures to make sure you are getting the best quality of work.   Desiree is specialized in Microbladed eyebrows and is also trained in eyeliner and  color correction. 

Desiree is also trained and skilled in 3D Nipple areola tattoo after mastectomy which she works closely with local plastic surgeons to get insurance coverage.

Massage Therapist


Friends, meet Rachel!
If you need someone to lend you an ear after a rough day, this is your gal. People who know Rachel say she has a gentle energy. One that is patient, kind, and understanding. Her clients keep coming back because her massage provides a mental and physical relaxation that is often needed in this hectic world. Rachel loves being in New London, a place she has called home her whole life. She finds the small town vibe relaxing and enjoys working locally. When she is not at the spa she is spending time on the farm she and her husband tend to with their two beautiful children. Rachel has a major love for movies, scrap-booking, playing tennis, and helping her clients feel better but above all her faith is the most important. It is her faith that has guided her through life, love, marriage, raising children and graduating from Fox Valley School of Massage in 2005. It wasn't until 2006 that her path led her to Wholistic Health Wellness spa but man we sure are glad to have her! Our personal favorite massage from her is the hot stone but she also specializes in Ashiatsu Bar as well. Although, if you asked her she would say she enjoys doing all varieties of massage because she likes to make every client happy and healthy. 

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Andrea studied massage at a private school, Suncoast School of Massage Therapy in Tampa, Florida.  She has experience in a chiropractic office, sports orthopedic rehab center, massage office, spas and traveling to homes and businesses.  Andrea has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002 and continue to learn new massage techniques by taking continuing educations courses every year.  She is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 2002. Her specialties are:  pregnancy massage, sports massage, headache relief, elbow pain relief, myofascial therapy, trigger point therapy,  deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, relaxation (Swedish) massage, hot stone massage and aromatherapy.   My massages are customized to meet the client's needs.  

" I enjoy making my clients feel better.  I am very thankful for the gift God has given me as a licensed massage therapist.  I am very humbled and grateful when clients give me positive feedback and schedule their next appointments with me. Blessings and Peace, Andrea Muench"



Our skin care specialist. Lara, has over 10 years in the skin care industry and has consistently provided quality skin care treatments,  the latest techniques, and products. Lara earned an associates degree in Interior Design but her passion turned to skin care after developing rosacea and traditional methods of treatment offered little relief.

She returned to school to learn the art of healthy skin.  Graduating from Gill-Tech Academy in 2008 she began her skin care career and has provided skin care for many seeking relief with their own skin.  In addition, she worked under a Medical Esthetician in Texas for a short time learning new techniques and procedures.   Lara is grateful she is able to share her love of healthy skin and educate her clients so they, too,  can achieve healthy skin.

Eyelash Extensions


Small town girl, with that wild city girl style. Tasha grew up in New London, graduating from Gill Tech in 2010 as a state certified cosmologist. She was eager to join the beauty industry an begin crafting her skills to make clients feel good. Starting her career with warming the hearts of little boys and girls at snips and giggles. As she mastered patience and understanding that her clients desired, she yearned for more precision. Ambitious to learn and striving for perfection, Tasha quickly became assistant manager and trainer of straight razor shave at The Men Hair House. In 2018 her husband Jeremy, her New London high school sweet heart, welcomed identical twin boys Cedric and Glaive. Then bought a home in town to raise their children close to family. With the twins forever growing her patience and tenacity to overcome challenges grew too. She had always had a passion for tedious things as an artist
and crafter. So Tasha decide to pursue another beauty industry trade as an eyelash technician. With her attention to meticulous detail and steady hands she knew this could be her niche. Finding out that her home town didn't have anyone to offer this wonderful beauty trend, she knew she had to work hard to make it happen. “ The eyes are the gateway to your soul, and every one deserves to feel like their gates are the best they could be” said Tasha. She looks forward to immersing herself in the community as a professional and getting to know her clients.

Spray Tan


Get this water lover on a boat, put a fishing pole in her hand or take her on a river hike and she will be happy as can be! June thrives in the summer months when the beautiful sun is shining down on her, but one thing she has always hated is the sun's damaging effects. It was her desire for a beautiful summer glow but without the expense on her skin that led her to us!
June is our spray tan Technician with 5 years of professional experience.
After using spray tan she noticed her skin was healthier and she had the radiance of the sun all year round (not many people can say that in Wisconsin!).
June has acquired several techniques when applying a spray tan and is able to produce a beautiful, natural-looking tan. 
She has done spray tans for weddings, body building competitions, Senior pictures, prom, homecoming dances, commercial shoots and fashion shows. 
Her services are fast, affordable, and convenient. 
She makes sure to keep up with the latest equipment and vitamin fortified solutions so your skin stays conditioned and healthy. 
June is an ACE certified trainer and has an eye for color which helps her to choose a hue that is natural and compliments your body's physical features. The benefit of a professional applying your spray tan is NO ORANGE STREAKS, I repeat NO ORANGE STREAKS!! We have all tried sunless tanning on our own and know exactly what that means!

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