Spray Tan


Spray Tan

Gorgeous Summer Time Tan
Full color, One application,

Applied by a technician not a machine.

20 minutes $35.00

*Wholistic Health has Spray Tanning to achieve a beautiful natural glow for 


*Are you getting married and want yourself and all your bridesmaids to have a matching glow? 


*Do you need to be in a bikini tomorrow? 


Do you want to rid the appearance of cellulite & varicose veins? 


*Are you in a fitness competition? 


*Are you fair skinned and only turn red in natural sun? 





 Exfoliate before each session to remove dry, flaky skin. 
Skin replaces itself in cycles naturally every 28 days. 
 Twenty-five percent of skin is exfoliated each week, causing a tan to slowly wear away. Exfoliating before your appointment allows for the sunless spray to absorb deeply into the skin and oxidize to a brilliant golden brown color.
 Spraying sunless products on dry, flaky skin causes the tan to look less natural, 
will be uneven when fading and shorten the life of your sunless tan. 

Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products or in-shower moisturizers on the day of your spray tan for best results. Any waxing, manicures or pedicures should be done prior to your tanning session. Also, elevated body temperature, perspiration or moisture on the skin can hinder DHA development and affect results.


Important Information
* Do appropriate exfoliating before appt. for a smoother appearance on skin
* No lotion or oils on skin, no deodorant or makeup.
* Wear dark, loose fitting clothes after appointment. 
* Remain dry for 8 hours- no sweating! (Rain, washing hands, baby drool, drink condensation, etc.)
* You will feel slightly tacky during the hour following your spray tan, ho
wever you may go about your daily routine.
* Avoid touching your skin, and avoid things "rubbing" your skin such as your purse straps. 
* After 8 hours, shower lightly allowing the cosmetic bronzer to wash off; allowing your own beautiful color to be seen. 
* Use mild, oil- free soap; shaving only with a light touch. 
* Pat dry, don't rub your skin and  moisturize with a non-mineral oil Lotion. NO OILS!
* You will notice your tan continue to darken over the next 12 hours.
*Avoid Exposure to pools and hot tubs as this may fade your tan. 
* Anything that makes your body naturally exfoliate (ex. tight clothes, sweating, harsh chemicals) will take your tan off faster. 
This is not your tan rubbing off but rather the skin that holds the color is rubbing off. 
* Spray tan solution will wash out of  most all clothes and sheets but make sure you take precaution just in case!


Remember,  our skin is the largest living organ on our body. Our skin reflects what we put into our bodies. What we eat/drink, what we don't eat/drink, medications, and illnesses all make us very different. Subsequently, this shows in the health of our skin and therefore everyone will produce their very own spray tan color and also how well it lasts and fades. As well, you may produce different results from time to time.


At the end of your spray tan's duration you will see a slight "cracking" in the color due to your skin naturally exfoliating and the new skin showing through. You need to help this process by exfoliating on those specific areas to make it a more even fade. Tip: After showering, before drying yourself, apply moisturizer (will be watery) take dry washcloth and rub any areas needed to remove access tanning residual. Exfoliating before your next appointment allows for the sunless spray to absorb deeply into the skin and oxidize to a brilliant golden brown color. Spraying sunless products on dry, flaky skin causes the tan to look less natural, will be uneven when fading and shorten the life of your sunless tan.
 ~Enjoy Your Spray Tan~


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